Sacred Love Energy Session (Distance Healing)


This energy healing session works to raise your overall vibration so you can reach an energetic balance of pure love with the love of your life.

It also helps you to work through any relationship issues that you may be holding on to from your childhood or from your past, so you can get to your happily ever after and reach a place of true inner harmony.

This loving energy session is perfect for you if you are actively working on yourself or doing inner healing work, but require an extra boost to get past resistant romantic blockages or obstacles relating to love.

This distant energy session was created especially for twin flame blocks, but it also works cohesively for soul mate issues, basic daily relationship issues, family relationship issues and any issues opening up to new love as well.


What You Can Gain From This Session:

• Create stronger connections of love in

  your relationships.

• Increase the flow of love in your life

Mend relationship issues

Raise your overall vibration

• Release non-serving energies

• Release emotional baggage




What Is Distant Healing?

Distance healing is a form of energy healing that is sent across time and space which has a healing effect on the recipient.

Each distant healing session is just as effective as an in person healing session.

I will carefully work with your physical, emotional and mental energy bodies, which can be accessed easily from anywhere, at any time. With this type of energy work, you do not have to be physically present with me to receive the healing energy, which can prove to be really convenient in an action-packed world!


How Will I Receive My Distant Healing Energy Session?

You will immediately receive a confirmation email once you have completed your check out. Your distant energy healing session will then be prepared and sent to you energetically within 48 hours of your original order.

You will then receive a notification email that your order has been completed, with instructions on how to best accept and integrate your distant healing energy.