The #1 Reason You Should Get Serious About Self-Care

I’m a little bias when it comes to the subject of self-care, I must admit. No, I wasn’t always this way. For me, some things have changed my life in subtle ways, but self-care will always be one of those things that I continue to rave about affectionately, because it’s had a huge impact on my life in purely amazing ways.


What Is Self Care? 

So exactly what is this self-care magic that I speak so highly of? Let me explain…

Self-care can be defined as any activity that is done deliberately in order to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Self-care is about intentionally taking time out to care for yourself in ways that can feel nurturing and healing a takes a little self-awareness to achieve.


Why You Need It

Good self-care can enhance your mood and even reduce anxiety. It’s also a necessary tool for a good relationship with yourself. So what’s the most important reason that you actually need to implement a regular self-care practice?


“You absolutely need self-care, because self-care recharges you, reduces stress and anxiety.”


When you ignore your self-care needs and avoid recharging yourself, the price to pay can be a hefty burden on you physically, emotionally and mentally. Just think of it this way, you wouldn’t try to continuously use your cell phone without recharging it, would you? Same thing.

Nurturers often overlook themselves and put the wellbeing and care of others first. I can think of many times in my life where I would be running around doing everything for everyone else all of the time. And every single time I would go on in this manner, I would always feel the effects and the consequences of it later on.

I learned the very hard way that when you neglect the things that bring you physical, emotional and mental wellness, you will always end up feeling depleted.

Whether it was not wanting to get out of bed in the mornings, not having the energy to complete the entire day or even becoming easily irritated, putting myself last always brought on feelings of despair.

I had to learn how to allow myself to recharge, which is also what inspired me to create Time For Renewal, a special relaxing eMagazine filled with me-time goodies like wellness tips, rejuvenation recipes and lots of other goodies!


“So in case you’re thinking that self-care sounds impossible…”


It’s not. When you take good care of yourself you can really open your life up in new ways. Life gets easier with self-care on your side!

Regular self-care leads to more life balance and creates positive feelings within, which also amplifies confidence and boosts your self-esteem too. It’s something that’s undoubtedly necessary to maintain a true healthy relationship with yourself.

If you aren’t exactly sure how you can incorporate an effective self-care regimen into your daily life, I have an amazing self-care course that can help you tremendously!

You can check it out here. Claim your self-care today!


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