10 Easy Breakfast Ideas for Action Packed Mornings

Mornings can feel like they’re reserved for total madness sometimes, and improving your morning routine for the better can be easier said than done when you find yourself in constant time crunches.


What Can You Do To Rev Up Your Energy During Crunch Time?


There’s one thing you can include in your morning routine to set off a nourishing feeling that may otherwise escape your morning reality. Experts agree that taking the time out to have a bite to eat as your start your day, should definitely fall into play each morning if you want to maximize your energy levels.

Your body needs to receive food early on to function properly and maintain healthy energy levels. So if you’ve got 20 minutes to spare in your morning ritual, here’s 10 simple breakfast recipes that will help you rev up your energy engine in a jiffy!



Peanut Butter & Fruit Toast

This breakfast choice is a double whammy. It’s a great way to pack in both the fiber and protein to boost your energy levels and keep you feeling full longer.


Berry Smoothie

Smoothies can be a morning’s best friend. A smoothie can be a light and refreshing way to start your day and you can easily whip one up in minutes to enjoy.


Triple Berry Yogurt Bowl

You’re in for a real treat. A berry yogurt bowl is a healthy way to start your day with a variety of awesome fruit flavors.


Breakfast Pizza Mini’s

If you’re looking for something different to start your mornings, then this one is a winner! They’re absolutely perfect for making breakfast in a crunch and your family will love these tasty little babies too.


Breakfast Hash

If you love a hearty breakfast then this one can easily become one of your morning obsessions and it never disappoints on taste either.


Ham & Cheddar Frittata

Frittatas are easily amazing. They’re not only quick, but they pack a lot of taste too considering they only require some really simple ingredients.


Apple Cinnamon With Raisin Oatmeal

This lighter breakfast option is great for staying quick and on your toes, but doesn’t skimp on taste. It’s pleasantly hearty and equally as delightful.


French Toast

This one is sure to become a staple for mornings that scream for a tasty classic. You can even prepare it the night before and pop it in the oven for something quick and easy.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Start your day off right with this tasty and filling smoothie of goodness. The combination of peanut butter and chocolate will give your taste buds a much needed wake up call on those crazy mornings.


Bacon Egg & Cheddar Scrambler

Put these three ingredients together and you’ve got instant magic! This recipe is just as simple as it sounds and this tasty combination is sure to fill you up in no time.


When you take the time out to nourish yourself with a little breakfast, you’re more likely to be more resilient to the changes and challenges throughout your day. A well fed body creates a well fueled mind.

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