4 Things To Remember That Will Help You Destress When Life Sucks

When life feels crappy it can be easy to get into a cycle of feeling angered, venting and then feeling helpless to life’s circumstances. We’re all human and we have real human emotions to go along with those crappy-feeling experiences too.

But this can create a lot of stress and negative energy for us to sort through, so instead of going into that vicious cycle of giving in to anger and blame, here are 4 life-changing things to remember…


1.   Everything really does happen for a reason.

I completely understand that life can get hard sometimes. I’ve experienced this personally way too many times to count. But even in the thick of things, in every perceived negative experience and in every single time of struggle comes the opportunity for tremendous growth!

We learn from and heal through all of our experiences in life, even the “suck feeling” ones which can become the greatest catalysts for breakthroughs to happen.

You may not always know why you’re going through a specific experience and you may not always feel like you can handle every experience that comes your way, but each experience brings you closer and closer to your inner power.


2.  You can and deserve to live a great life!

Do you find yourself getting out of bed in the morning, feeling renewed, excited and ready to get the day started or do you lay there reluctantly, thinking about all the things you have to do for the day? Many people are thinking about the challenges in life way before they have even made it out of their beds most mornings.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Life can provide us with so much fun and beauty.  But for many of us, it could be that little voice somewhere inside our heads, saying you’re unworthy of this or undeserving of that. Then that same little voice creates a total horror show in life for us.

But this is just a scared voice of a hurt within us, a broken inner child who formed these false beliefs and fears probably a very long time ago… usually during early childhood, based on what this inner child was taught by others, cultural conditioning or even from its own flawed perceptions of life.

But you do deserve greatness no matter what you are going through.


“Your life can be ABUNDANT, BEAUTIFUL, JOYOUS and very FULFILLING!”  


3.   You got this, because what you subconsciously believe, you can attract to you.

Your reality is a reflection of what you believe and it’s also a reflection of what you believe that you deserve in life.

Because your subconscious mind determines the actions that you take, your underlying beliefs will always be revealed in the life that you are living.

Do you feel as if you are living the fullest expression for your life? One of best ways to create the kind of life you desire is to practice mindfulness and then to develop a more positive outlook on life. This will result in more positive experiences in your life and it also makes manifesting what you truly want a whole lot easier!


4.  You can bring about positive change by doing something different.

Making necessary changes in life may not always be an easy pill to swallow. Sometimes it can feel downright difficult and uncomfortable. That‘s probably why as humans, we’ve been prone to repeat the same lessons and behaviors over and over again. Nonetheless, making new, better and different choices while taking guided action can really lead to more positive changes in your life.

When my kids were a lot younger, I remember feeling constantly pulled in several different directions in the mornings. Back then, I was responsible for helping four freshly energized and free-spirited children get ready each morning. It wasn’t easy either and it felt crazy hectic at times.

That’s when I knew that I totally needed to do something different. I felt guided to incorporate a more nourishing morning ritual that was more productive and less hectic, which gave me the mindset to attract easier situations in the mornings.


Moral of the story is, you’ll need to do things differently to get something different in return. Sometimes that will take a little courage and a little something extra from within.

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