Declutter Easily With These 5 Simple Questions

During the fall I like to get down and dirty. I like to make room for the new, that is. I guess with the new year tiptoeing its way upon my life, something deep within me wants to be prepared for the new things that a whole new year can bring.

Some people enjoy a good spring cleaning, but I actually enjoy a good fall farewell. One of the ways that I like to prepare for new beginnings is to declutter.

Clutter can be anything that you’re holding on to that does not serve a meaningful purpose or add value to your life. Decluttering always feels really good to me. It helps me to make more sense of the things in my space and around me. Plus, it totally soothes my mind.

The more things you accumulate, the more things you end up being responsible for. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good, abundant mindset and I love to experience the blessings of material things too. But those things have to totally have purpose in my life.

Plus, clutter can come with a really hefty price. Built up clutter can be highly costly in the long run, in a psychological way. It can create chaos, misery and can even feel like a complete burden. It’s a total energy zapper, which is why I like to get my declutter on from time to time.

I know that decluttering can feel overwhelming and confusing at times to some, but it can also feel totally life changing and liberating once it’s done!


Here’s 5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Make Things A Little Easier For You…


Have I used this item within the past year?

If you haven’t used an item within the last year then chances are, you probably won’t be putting that baby to use anytime soon. Do yourself the favor of trashing, donating or regifting the item to someone who can put it to use.


Do I have a similar item that serves the exact same purpose?

Hmmm. Similar Items that serve the same purpose often end up scattered in several places. It you have multiple items that serve the same purpose, but you aren’t using each one, this is a clear sign that’s it’s time for something to go.


Does it fit my current living space?

Ask yourself, if you went shopping, would you purchase that particular item or would you take a pass on it? If you would not purchase that same item today (if you didn’t already have one of course), then more than likely its time to part ways with it.


Is this item broken or worn and can it be fixed?

Be sure to be realistic in deciding if you have the tools, time or money to fix a particular item. If not, it’s better to let this item go so it can be replaced with something more useful.


Does this item add positivity to my life or does it take away from it?

Does the item make your life easier? Does it add value? Everything in your life will either add meaning or take away from it. Don’t hold on to an item that is not adding value to your experiences. Part ways with that baby and the universe will send you something even better.


So there you have it. Simply ask yourself these five questions and you’ll be enjoying a freshly decluttered home in no time!

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